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Arun 160

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Salient features of ARUN™:

  • Two-axes tracking mechanism for automatically tracking the sun giving maximum daily output.
  • Completely automatic operations with minimum maintenance.
  • Strict Quality Control and performance testing. Testing procedure developed by IIT-Bombay
  • Much more productive and versatile compared to any other solar thermal concentrator
    system available.
  • Storage vessel for heat delivery any time of the day or night.
  • Built-in safety controls with emergency alarm system and user-friendly operating unit
  • Ultra small footprint
  • Most efficient with widest temperature and pressure range with highest accuracy
  • The only IBR certified solar thermal concentrator
  • Only proven solar boiler in the world for process heat

 Our Esteemed Clients

  • Maharashtra Rajya Sahakari Dudh Mahasangh Maryadit ( Mahanad Dairy ) at Latur
  • M/s B.G. Chitale Dairy ,Sangli
  • Heavy Water Plant Of Department Of Atomic Energy at Kota
  • Hotel ITC Maurya, Delhi
  • M/s Mahindra Vehicles Manufacturers Limited, Pune
  • M/s Turbo Energy Limited , Paiyanoor, Chennai

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Applications of Solar Concentrator

The ARUN™ Solar Concentrator System can be used in 'ADD ON' mode and can be retrofitted to the existing boiler or heater system in the industry. In this mode it delivers energy whenever beam radiation is available and saves fuel used. This uses minimum storage capacity. The thermal energy generated can also be stored in thermal storage to supply energy requirements during evening and night. Pressurized water system is used for evacuation and storage of thermal energy.

The unit is best suited for the industrial applications using thermal energy from electricity or liquid fossil fuels. The thermal medium can be high or low pressure process steam, hot water, hot air, hot thermic fluid or oil.

It can be used for providing process heat for a wide range of industries and chemical processing plants using boilers or heaters, textile mills, sugar mills, vegetable oil mills, agro and food processing industries, timber industry, milk processing, drying of horticultural, food and fruits products, drying of chemicals as well as units using vapor absorption refrigeration for space cooling. It is also suitable for hotels and hospitals for providing hot water, steam and cooling.

This ARUN™ Solar Concentrator can be fitted with 25 kW Stirling engine to generate electrical power through thermal route. Presently a one MW plant using 40 units of solar concentrators of similar size is being installed at Mojave Dessert near Las-Vegas, USA. Solar farms with 500 MW and 800 MW capacities are also planned there. With the ARUN™ solar concentrators already in place, India is not far behind.

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Economics of ARUN™

  • Substantial reduction in consumption of fossil fuels with negligible running cost.
  • Reduction in carbon dioxide emissions
  • Positive cash flow right from the first year of the project
  • Carbon Credits can be traded internationally
  • Availability of Grant from MNRE


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